Eight million dollars. That’s how much money three local artists need to make their dream a reality. In spring 2014, Carly Bales, performer and co-founder of the local EMP artist collective, Evan Moritz, co-founder of the Baltimore Annex Theater, and Ric Royer, a veteran performing artist and curator/organizer who recently returned to Baltimore after stints in New York and Providence, responded to a request for proposal (RFP) for three vacant, city-owned properties located in the recently designated Bromo Tower Arts and Entertainment District downtown. The RFP was issued by the nonprofit Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC), which has a contract with the city to foster economic development. One service it provides is fielding business ideas for publicly owned buildings. In the RFP, Bales, Moritz and Royer saw an opportunity—and a way to continue being artists in Baltimore. Read on.