In its second season, Open Walls Baltimore began in a similar manner as the first, with a mural by curator Gaia. The project acts as a love letter and a gift from coordinators Gaia and Nanook to the city they care about so deeply. With the former curating and the latter the artistic coordinator, the roster of artists is noticeably dissimilar from traditional festival circuits. Although 2012 saw familiar names including Jaz, Ever, Freddy Sam, and Vhils, this year deviates from that pattern.

El Decertor, Zbiok, and Ozmo are among some of the names viewers may not yet be familiar with, but that will certainly change. With Open Walls Baltimore being the first to recognize now popular muralists including Mata Ruda, Jessie Unterhalter, and Katey Truhn, viewers can expect a similar spectacle from this year’s selected muralists. Organizers Nanook and Gaia took a brief break from painting and prepping to discuss Baltimore and murals with Complex.  Read on.