As a kid I explored the sewers of Baltimore. They were building the beltway (ring road) near my parents’ house and we used to crawl down in the drain pipes really deep. So dangerous now I think about it, but that was my first journey. Like C.H.U.D – that movie about cannibalistic human underground dwellers.

I used to hitchhike a lot. I’d come home on the train from New York and there’d be no cabs, but people would pick me right up and take me to my door because they recognised me. It was like a car service. I never really had a bad experience hitchhiking. Well, once somebody pulled a gun, but they fired it out of the window.

I last picked up a hitchhiker in the city around five years ago. It was during the day and he got into my car and started huffing glue. He said: “Do you want some?” I said: “On Friday night maybe, not on a Tuesday morning!” Who huffs glue at 10am on a Tuesday morning? Well, at least he offered.  Read on.