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Though Station North's interdisciplinary -- albeit largely underground -- arts community is burgeoning with talent, the arts district's main commercial thoroughfare is challenged by vacancy and perceived blight. Toeing the line of arts organization and community revitalization partner, Station North Arts & Entertainment, Inc. has employed a multi-tiered approach ranging from micro-grants to monumental street art installations to reinvent what was once one of Baltimore's busiest commercial corridors. In a limited amount of time, this arts-based strategy has attracted thousands of people from all over the world to Station North, highlighting the positive yet often unnoticed activity occurring throughout the District. [Baltimore, MD]

Speakers: Ben Stone, Executive Director and Rebecca Chan, Project Manager, Station North Arts & Entertainment, Inc.

Crafting Corridors: Reinventing the Urban Street was presented by Next City on February 16, 2013 at the Philadelphia Center for Architecture. Each speaker had just ten minutes to pitch their approach to transforming downtown streets into vibrant, liveable corridors. Next City is a national online magazine about improving cities. We update our site daily with investigative features, thoughtful essays, and interviews from the front lines of urban change and innovation.

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