What was your motivation?
For as long as we have lived in Baltimore, we have known it to have a strong sense of productivity, a DIY sensibility. People make things happen here, and your friends, peers, and community tend to respond and respect that.

We had recently graduated from MICA and were both interested in creating our own curatorial platform. We also wanted to expand our practice and broaden our engagement with artists and the community. We each took exhibition design and curatorial studies so we naturally had the urge to curate in a nonacademic environment. There were artists whose work we wanted to see realized on a larger scale. It has been a lot of hard work, but the space grew quite organically. Also, it’s a lot of fun – we love getting to meet and work with artists from Baltimore and other cities. There are several sides: facilitating artists’ ideas into realization, bringing work from other cities to an audience here, as well as getting Baltimore artists’ work to a wider audience. Read on