Bmore Seoul to Soul
Bmore Seoul to Soul
Bmore Seoul to Soul
Bmore Seoul to Soul

Bmore Seoul to Soul was a performance-based project series in Station North that combined traditional and contemporary Korean American and African American music, dance, and food. Conceived in the aftermath of the 2015 Baltimore Uprising, Bmore Seoul to Soul aimed to build community and conversation in Baltimore through the universal language of the arts. Bmore Seoul to Soul was produced by Station North Arts & Entertainment, Inc. and MICA. Three Bmore Seoul to Soul events were held in May, September, and December 2015.

'Bmore Seoul to Soul'은 생동적인 한국 전통 음악과 노래, 춤 및 역동적인 볼티모어 클럽 공연댄스를 포함하는 '스테이션 노스'의 공연 프로젝트입니다. 이 프로젝트에는 한인 및 아프리칸-아메리칸 예술가들이 '스테이션 노스'와 메릴랜드미술대(MICA)와 함께볼티모어의 커뮤니티 재건과 화합을 위한 공연을 합니다

Visit the Bmore Seoul to Soul gallery for photos of past events.

Bmore Seoul to Soul participants included:
• Lamar Robinson
• Aletheia Shin
• Dance and Bmore with Artists Within - Forever Fit & Fun Seniors
• Bmore'Than Dance
• 주상희 무용단 - Korean Traditional Dance Company
• 징검다리 - Korean Traditional Drum Team Stepping Stones
• 풍물패 한판 - Han Pan Korean American Cultural Center
• 이희경한국무용단 - Hee Kyung Lee Korea Traditional Dance Team
• 하늘소리 가야금 연주단 - The Sounds of Heaven
• Peabody Institute
• Koco Food Truck
• Brown Rice

Bmore Seoul to Soul was supported by MICA's Office of Community Engagement and with state funds from the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority, an instrumentality of the State of Maryland. However, the contents and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority.